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About company

The company "ACME" is the largest enterprise in Ukraine, which produces cosmetics for hair. The Company`s products are widely represented in the market.

The Company focuses on products for hair coloring, as well as hair care products.

Our production laboratory constantly implements and improves formulations based on the cutting-edge technologies.


All components are produced of high-quality and safe raw materials, fragrances and natural extracts by the world`s leading chemical enterprises - Henkel (Germany), Huwell (Italy), Lowenstein (USA) and others.

The entire product range has been certified, it has the sanitary and epidemiological conclusion. Since 2005, the Company has implemented the European Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008.

The optimal balance of price and quality, as well as the Company`s commitment to create the brand image of high-quality domestic product, allow the Company to maintain its reputation and dynamically explore new horizons.


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″ACME″ Ltd 5 Promyslova Str., Ukrainka Obukhiv district, Kyiv region 08720, Ukraine
For Commercial 04572 75350
Export-managerTatyana Lutsenko+38 (067) 749-94-99
Divisional Manager for the Center and EastYuri Platovsky+38 (098) 505-40-25
Divisional Manager for the SouthStanislav Bondar+38 (067) 328-42-68
Divisional Manager for the WestTaras Detsik+38 (050) 412-21-24
Pharmaceutical Market ManagerJulia Komar+38 (067) 328-42-62
Key Account ManagerNatalia Doni+38 (067) 215-85-77
Regional Manager in the Russian Federation (Acme Cosmetics Group Ltd.)Vitaliy Apolenis+37 (529) 399-90-44
Regional manager in the Republic of Belarus (Acme Cosmetics Group Ltd )Marina Khmelnytskaya+37 (544) 736-24-85