Healthy Hair Institute

Raybina TON Oil Mask x 2

Toning hair mask with the laminating effect  


  • "Tone to tone" toning
  • Elasticity and shine
  • Intensive care
  • Laminating and preventing the hair fragility
  • Oils of the toning mask render the soft and silky appearance, and prevent damage to the hair ends

Raybina TON Oil Mask cream color collection of includes 8 shades


  • ASHBERRY EXTRACT - moisturizes the hair and scalp, forms part of ALL shades
  • OIL VANILLA – renders the soft and silky appearance, prevents damage to the hair. Forms part of LIGHT shades
  • ALMOND OIL - strengthens, nourishes and maintains the elasticity and shine. Forms part of NATURAL shades
  • COFFEE OIL - nourishes, renders the soft and silky appearance. Forms part of  DARK shades
  • GRAPE SEED OIL - nourishes, strengthens and prevents damage to the hair ends. Forms part of RED AND PURPLE shades